・当選者にはCXC Marketsからメールが届きますので、当日中に入金を完了してください。






2. 200%入金ボーナスに当選されなかった場合、期間無制限の入金ボーナス100%(クッション機能なし)が適用されます。




1. 利益が3万円に満たない場合でも、口座に入金を行うことで、その後の利益は3万円の制限なく出金可能となります。

2. 利益が3万円に達した状態で、口座へ入金すると、3万円を超えた部分の利益はボーナスへ転化されますが、残った利益含め、






口座残高:−10万円,クレジット :100万円   

相殺後:口座残高:0万円,クレジット :90万円




High risk warning: Foreign exchange transactions involve high risks and are not suitable for all investors. Leverage will bring greater risk and potential loss. Please carefully consider your investment objectives, experience level and risk tolerance before deciding to conduct foreign exchange transactions. You may lose some or all of your initial investment. Therefore, you must not invest more than you can bear the loss. Consider the risks associated with foreign exchange transactions, and if in doubt, consult a neutral financial or tax advisor.

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CXC markets is an over-the-counter derivatives issuer that trades on a principal to principal basis. CXC markets does not issue or sell cryptocurrencies, nor is it a provider of digital currency trading services. CXC markets issues OTC derivatives, such as contracts for differences based on a variety of underlying instruments or other assets, including cryptocurrencies. Risk tip: participation in financial derivatives trading will bring greater risks to your assets, and you should only invest the funds that can bear the full loss for trading. Financial derivatives trading is not applicable to all investors, so please have a deep understanding of its trading risks and seek investment advice from the OTC market as required. Product risk disclosure book can be obtained through this website or through our staff and must be read carefully before starting investment transaction. Raw spread account provides trading products as low as 0 point difference, and charges 3.5 account currency for every 100000 amount of trading volume. We do not charge Commission for the standard account, but we will add 1 point to the inter-bank quotation from the quotation provider as the income source of IB. Any information appearing on this website (including but not limited to comments, forecasts, charts, indicators, theories, direct or implied instructions) is only for reference. Local laws may impose restrictions on liability and exemptions, in which case, such strong laws shall prevail.

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